Sleepout (Luxury Fully finished). - 1st Sep 2014

Fully insulated, floor walls and ceiling. Brand new double glazing and aluminium. Carpeted with all electrical installed including lighting, phone and data. Also each unit comes painted with an eco-wall mounted heater and a wall bracket for a flatscreen TV.

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P Huntley Builder Ltd Website Launch - 9th Apr 2013

P Huntley Builder Website Launch

Welcome to the first edition of the Huntley Homes Newsletter.....the first of our newsletters that will keep you informed and educated about what is going on at P Huntley Builder Ltd and the building industry in general. 

This newsletter will have something for everyone, whether you are looking to build or renovate, are a sub-contractor working with Phil on building projects, or are just interested in building in general. There will be interest stories about what is happening in the news relating to the building  world, as well as information about any changes in regulation or building standards. 

Phil will include his own blog about some of the projects he has been working on, including any funny things that that might have happened along the way. Such as the leaking lean-to roof he replaced that was only keeping the rain at bay with a number of plastic shopping bags stuffed into the roof cavity - recycling at it's extreme! 

This first edition of the Huntley Homes Newsletter also signifies an exciting event - the release of our new Website.  Many thanks to everyone that helped us get this off the ground - Anne-Marie Sharpe for her design work and of course Turboweb for their help in making this happen. It's not until you come to add content that you realize how valuable all those photos are that have been taken before, during and at the end of a job.  And those who have agreed to provide a testimonial about Phil and his work - it's great to get appreciation back for the effort that goes into changing people's lives. 

If you are interested in receiving our newsletter on a regular basis, please use the subscribe feature on the website. Your details are safe with us and will not be shared in anyway, and you can unsubscribe at any time if you so wish. 

Upcoming news will include a feature about the Master Builders Conference being held in Dunedin in July this year, which Phil will be attending. 

If you would like to speak with Phil about any building project, you can call him on 027 6540908 or use the Contact Us feature on our website here.

Thanks for reading

Phil and Angela Huntley

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